Success Stories

"I consider myself very lucky that my insurance network and on line reviews led me to Dr. Firillo. I have finally had success in my treatment after having visited 4 other practitioners. My condition is difficult to heal but Dr. Firillo's chiropractic technique along with his advice and exercises has given me great results. He is very encouraging and the staff is very friendly. I always have a great day when I visit because I feel as if I'm part of the family."
- Debra Caro

"After hurting my back doing yard work in November 2014, I went to a chiropractor that I had been going to for years. I treated for a month with this other chiropractor and received no relief.The pain worsened daily.I was hardly able to walk. I realized that I had to find someone else.It was then that I went to see that Firillo, who had previously treated my family. He gave me a thorough exam and took x-rays and diagnosed me with spinal stenosis.He told me that there was a special type of treatment that he used that was very effective in treating spinal stenosis and he had used it on other patients.After the first treatment, the pain subsided and I was able to walk with a cane. After several treatments I was able to walk without a cane and best of all I was pain free. I am continuing my treatments every so often. I am most grateful to Dr Firillo and for the support of prayers of family and friends."
- Horst Maeding

"I sustained a severe whiplash to my neck when I was in a car accident which totaled my car. Pain was so bad it kept me awake at night. Dr. Firillo worked with the whiplash over several weeks, then months. The pain is resolved and my neck is back to normal.

Now I continue to see Dr. Firillo for scoliosis which I have had since I was a teenager. Dr. Firillo takes time to explain to me what is going on with my back. He gave me exercises I can do at home to strengthen muscles to help me stand up straight. I have a lot of pain from muscle spasm caused by the scoliosis. Dr. Firillo adjusts my back and it relieves my pain so that I may continue with my music career."
- Kathryn Lewis

"After being involved in an auto accident, I received treatment from several chiropractors. I almost gave up getting better and focused on pain management. I decided to try one more doctor. Dr. Firillo has changed my life. My nearly useless shoulder has mobility and strength. My neck has no more pain and great mobility. I am grateful to Dr. Firillo and his staff for the wonderful treatment and greatly improved health."
- Tim L.

"I was in a car accident five year ago. At the time, I was in a lot of pain and I was in very bad shape. A frien of mine recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Firillo. After my first visit, I noticed a significant improvement in my health. I continued to go to Dr. Firillo until I was no longer in pain from the accident. I still come in regularly to maintain my health. I would recommend Dr. Firillo completely. He is an excellent worker and he did his best to help me. He is the best chiropractor in Colorado!"
- Nancy G.

"I have been coming to Dr. Firillo for over 10 years and his back treatments have been the best for any chiropractor I have seen."
- Roy V.

"My husband was involved in an accident on August 5, 2011. He was in a lot of pain so we decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Firillo. From his fist visit with Dr. Firillo, my husband’s experience was magnificent. Dr. Firillo and his team are very efficient. I would recommend them 100%." ( translated from Spanish)
- Gabriel and Selena G.

"This has been the best chiropractic experience that I have had. The doctor was very thorough and addressed all my concerns. He was very patient with me which I believe is an important quality in a doctor. I felt so much better after being adjusted and the kink in my neck was gone. The place was very busy but I was pleased with the wait time. I waited about 15 to 20 min to see him which wasn’t bad at all compared to the other chiropractors I’ve been too."
- Nicole N.

"I came to see Dr. Firillo after having leg pain for nearly a year. My regular doctor was not helping me. My orthopedic doctor recommended physical therapy, but that did not help, as I was still in pain. I came to see Dr. Firillo out of desperation. I was one step away from back surgery. Now I can walk without pain, and do not need surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Firillo and his treatments."
- Catherine R.

"Dr. Firillo was really nice. He explained to me clearly what I had and I understood him very well. I came in with a pain that I had for many years and after getting some treatment the first time the pain was almost completely gone! I'm very happy with the service as well. Just great people. F.C."

- Fernando Castaneda

"Hello I highly recommend the services at Dr. Firillo's office located at 5401 W Alameda Ave Lakewood, Co 80226. His wonderful personnel treats us very nicely. I am taking my friend to them 3 times a week after she had an auto accident. They have helped my friend and she is recuperating, I feel very happy and satisfied of the great attention to the client we are receiving.

Thank you Dr. Firillo and staff."

- Esmeralda Chavez

"I am extremely happy with the care that I have received from Dr. Firillo. I treat for my back and shoulders. If it wasn't for Dr. Firillo, I wouldn't be able to keep working. He diagnosed me correctly! He is truly the best chiropractor ever. I highly recommend him.

As for his staff, they are warm, caring and very professional. M.R.."

- Rascon Nely

"I have been going to see Dr. Firillo for some time now and he has been great for my pain control and day to day living. I am off pain med's and muscle relaxers and feel like I am control again. I go to see him regularly and I sure notice a difference if I skip a treatment. Thank you to all the great people of this practice."

- Rico Jones

"I have been going to Dr. Firillo for quite a while and if I have a pain I always call him first. I have scoliosis and most of my spine has been fused, so I have back and neck pain frequently, I had my first pain free days after years of pain after my first visit. He helped with ear pain, knee, foot, ankle, and hand pain, I always call him first. I have referred many friends to Dr. Firillo through the years and they have all thanked me. Thank you Dr. Firillo for all you do and all your caring."

- Jackie Grega

"My name is Alessandra J. I am 9 years old, when I was 3 years old I used to suffer from very painful headaches, so bad that they would wake me up at night ,my mom tried giving me painkillers but they wouldn't help then she decided to take me to Dr. Firillo. I was not scared at all we talked to the Dr and he was very nice and made me feel like I could trust him, Dr. Firillo said that kids should not suffer from headaches and if it was ok with me he was going to try his best to help me, that day I had my first adjustment and that night I slept through the night, no more headaches :-). I now get adjusted every once in a while and live a normal life. Thank you Doc :-)"


"I felt good since I started going to de doctor Firillo, He informed me exactly what my problem was to treat and everybody there are very nice and respectful."

- Maribel Valdez

"That was very good and friendly."

- Leobardo Tovar