Orthotics For Problem Feet

AriDocOrthotics-300x208.jpgMost people will develop problems in their feet at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, they often do not know that there is a solution, Orthotics! Many people have inherited problems that are evident at an early age, and others will develop problems later in life. This is due to the forces of gravity that cause the ligaments of the foot to gradually stretch. The feet begin to flatten, lengthen, and roll inwards. The heel bone starts to rock, as well. This entire group of events is referred to as hyperpronation or overpronation.

Hyperpronation or overpronation of the feet can cause bunions to form at the great toe. These problemsd can also cause pain under the ball of the foot and pain at the bottom of the heel. Hyperpronation or overpronation can also cause problems in the ankles, knees, hips, low back, upper back, and even the neck. Many patients ask how this can be. The answer is that just as a house needs a stable foundation, the body needs the feet to be stable, or else problems occur higher up. When the foot overpronates, with each step there is excessive rotation of the leg, and then the spine.


Many people mistakenly believe that you can correct hyperpronation of overpronation by elevating the arch with an arch support. This is incorrect. Since the heel bone continues to roll, unless you control the heel bone as well, simply putting a support under the arch causes increased pressure and pain at the arch while the overpronation continues.


Full-length, custom orthotics with a deep heel cup are the best tools to control hyperpronation or overpronation. Dr. Firillo will mold your feet personally, to insure that it is done correctly. Then he special orders your full length orthotics with an extra deep heel cup and an extra durable, long lasting top cover. All of our orthotics come with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.